CAO Group UltraLite™ ALS - Basic Plus Turbo Kit

Product Highlights

  • Tripod mount
  • Blue-Merge Technology (BMT™)
  • More blue wavelength output
  • Smallest & light
  • Lifetime of these LEDs is 50,000+ hours
  • Solid State Light Producing Semiconductors (LPS)
  • 5000+ hours continuous at maximum power
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Overview for CAO Group UltraLite™ ALS - Basic Plus Turbo Kit

This Kit includes all the basic tools you will need to detect evidence, conveniently fitting into a carry case configured to accept it all. With more precise detection, you will have more evidence for the conviction.

One of the most powerful handheld solid-state forensic lights in the industry has just gotten more powerful, doubling its output. This Kit is the ultimate package and contains everything you will ever need to uncover over 99.5% of detectable evidence, conveniently fitting into a carry case configured to accept all the accessories. With more precise detection, you will have more evidence for the conviction.

Through the use of light interaction techniques, UltraLite ALS® Turbo helps in the detection of trace evidence that may otherwise be difficult to detect against background materials. Substances like body fluids, fingerprints, blood spatter, gunshot residues, and explosive accelerants.

The UltraLite ALS® Turbo can reveal subcutaneous bruising, injuries and wounds on bodies living and dead, and assist in the location of evidence containing DNA. Doubling the output power means greater levels of evidence visualization.

The UltraLite ALS system’s main head, called the BMT Turbo head, is a universal evidence and crime scene processing light. The BMT Turbo head offers a wavelength spectrum that now shows more than 99.5 percent of detectable evidence, resulting in more efficient processing of crime scenes. The BMT Turbo head also produces more blue wavelength output power than any other semiconductor-based ALS.

The UltraLite ALS packs all of this functionality into a lightweight, battery-powered unit that’s rugged and ready for the field. The high-intensity LED light source puts up to 1000 milliwatts of selectable lamp power into an ergonomic, hand-held unit, at a price-point even the smallest of agencies can afford.

BMT (Blue-Merge Technology) Turbo

BMT Turbo is the perfect merging of forensic wavelengths. It is proven that shorter wavelengths such as 450 nm are more useful in body fluids, teeth and bone fragments, bite marks and bruise work, while longer wavelengths such as 480 nm are more useful in finding trace evidence and fingerprint work. BMT mixes a unique profile of forensic wavelengths to produce the perfect blend. With the BMT light you only need to go over the scene or evidence one time with one filter to complete 99.5% of evidence detection, collection, and documentation work.


The UltraLite Kit comes with the following heads (for more information please see the PDF download above or click on the link)

  •  1 - UltraLite BMT Turbo Head


Power Output

The UltraLite ALS in BMT Turbo produces over 2000 milliwatts of power. The UltraLite ALS with BMT Turbo produces more blue wavelength output power than any other semiconductor based ALS. Each unit has an output intensity selector button that allows you to select 500 mW, 1000 mW, 1500 mW, and 2000 mW.

Power Requirements

The UltraLite ALS can be powered by a 90-240 AC input or by a 12 VDC Vehicle Power Adapter. The UltraLite ALS Turbo produces light by way of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). These LEDs do not have delicate filaments and are not ‘jar’ sensitive. The expected lifetime of these LEDs is 50,000+ hours.

Lamp Type

Solid State Light Producing Semiconductors (LPS)

Lamp Life

5000+ Hours continuous at maximum power

Lamp Power

400 mW, 600 mW, 800 mW and 1000 mW (selectable with switch)

Lamp Output

50-2000 (mW) Four output settings (depending on head used)


The UltraLite ALS is built with the latest technology and uses LEDs which do not have delicate filaments and are not jar sensitive. The construction is made from rugged and reliable aluminum / magnesium alloy. Bulbs are solid state/impact resistant  Each head contains a small cooling fan. Temperatures can affect battery performance. Below 0˚C, batteries may not last the 1 hour indicated on previous page. Stored for long periods at 45˚C (105˚F), the battery charge may be reduced.

Standard Tripod

Designed for handheld use. Tripod mounting hole integral to device for photography. Immediately above the battery indicator light is the tripod mount hole. This mounting hole will mate the UltraLite ALS to any standard tripod for documentation work.

Battery Pack

Slip one battery out and the other one in, similar to changing the magazine clip in a pistol. Dead batteries can be charged in 3 hours. 1 hour continuous use at maximum power output.

Carrying Case

Lined with die cut foam to provide the ultimate protection for your UltraLite ALS Turbo Kit.

Compatible Heads

All of the new Turbo Heads are compatible with all of the existing UltraLite ALS handles, batteries, chargers, filters and other accessories.


The handle and head are made of an aluminum magnesium alloy. This metal construction yields a rugged and reliable instrument. The UltraLite ALS size, weight and ergonomic design make the easiest and most comfortable-to-use forensic system in the world.

What's in the Box
  • 1 - UltraLite Handle
  • 1 - Power Pack Adapter
  • 1 - Power Supply (90-240 VAC)
  • 1 - Vehicle Power Supply (12 VDC)
  • 1 - 20 ft Extension Cord
  • 1 - Battery Charger
  • 3 - Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • 1 - Pair of Amber Glasses
  • 1 - UltraLite BMT Turbo Head
  • 1 - UltraLite ALS Case w/die-cut foam
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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